Sunday 19th October 2014

I may have been sitting at my desk too long, but I think there's a ghost or a murderer standing in the window of the house opposite. Or the sun is reflecting weirdly. Or I have gone insane.

You all see the creepy ghost, right? I haven't just been cooped up writing for too long..

Honestely, some writers will go to any lengths to procrastinate. Not me. I am being genuinely haunted. (Or it was a mistake to barely leave the house for the last few days). But I think it's far more likely there's a ghost next door.

This haunting isn't a procrastinating tactic. It's real I tell you. If I wanted to procastinate I'd tidy my house.

The murdering ghost was there yesterday and it is back today. But who am I going to call? Aha ha.

I'm going to monitor the situation. And then confront them like in Rear Window. I'm pretty sure that ended well.

Or do more work. Or get some fresh air. Or call a preist. Definitely one of those things.

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